My passion is for you to know you are valued, loved, and purposely designed! And that your personal and professional life is meant to bring you joy, satisfaction, and contentment. The wisdom of the Lord inspires me to write and stirs a desire to share my insights. If you, too, are on a spiritual quest or want to move closer to the heart of God, join me in your journey and let’s travel together!

Who Told You That?

I love to watch the carefree, confidence of a toddler when they still love themselves and freely act out their imaginative play. Unfortunately, sometime very soon, they will start to reframe what they believe about themselves based upon other’s responses to them. What has the world told you to believe about yourself? Are you measuring yourself according to what culture is dictating, to be perfect, pleasing, successful, popular, well-known? JungleGrowth

Ever since the beginning of creation, when God questioned Adam, “Who told you that you were naked?” we have sought to cover up our perceived nakedness, flaws, and shortcomings. I invite you to join me on this site in taking a deep dive into discovering who and whose you are and what you were ultimately and intimately made to be.

If you enjoy writing, I encourage you to journal your journey and let’s write on wisdom!

MARCH 25, 2019

Block Buster #2: Three tips for finding time to write

Fire in bones

Is finding time to write your biggest obstacle to writing regular blogs, finishing that novel, or getting started on the title you have in mind? Have you announced you are going to write a book and now embarrassed by your lack of progress? Here are some tips to try. Read on…

FEBRUARY 18, 2019

Block Buster #1: Know your reason for writing

What should you take time to do?

No doubt, you have heard people say it’s important to know your “why” for writing. Likely they mean determining whether you are writing for personal expression or writing for market trends. In this Writer’s Block Buster, I’m suggesting that our “why” goes deeper than we think. I’m talking about searching your heart to understand what inspires you to write, because knowing this will likely keep you motivated…Read on

FEBRUARY 7, 2019

Get Your Momentum Going and Flowing!

Waterfall flow

Have you got your writing momentum flowing? Are you consistent in your writing habits? What keeps you at it? There are so many good writers out there and likely, if you’re reading this, you are one of them. You’ve probably realized that writers don’t become authors by intending to write a book, or announcing they are going to write a book—it takes diligence. If you are a blog writer, all your followers know when you are MIA. How would describe your progress as a writer? If you’re like me, you might need some help. Read on…

OCTOBER 29, 2018

Not even Christmas—the power of nature

imageSounds of generators and chainsaws filled the air the morning after Hurricane Michael swept through the Florida panhandle. In the hours awaiting the storm, I thought to myself: “Not even Christmas—only the weather—can close the stores and clear the streets and have everyone hunkered down with family.

What events cause you to slow down and take stock of what’s important? Read on…

SEPTEMBER 11, 2018

Harnessing time to do what you love

What should you take time to do?-3

Judging by the number of times I’ve heard people say, “I don’t have enough time,” it sounds like there is a universal shortage of it. We have the talents and skills to make many things, but we can’t make more time. So, the real question is: “How do we use the time we have in the most fulfilling way?” Read on…

AUGUST 28, 2018

Why do you write?

LegacyThe other day my grown daughter commented, “Mom, you are always writing for someone else, why don’t you write for your family?” She proceeded to remind me about some children’s books I had started years ago when she was growing up. Since then, her words keep ringing in my ears. It got me questioning, “Why am I writing?” How about you? Why do you write? Who do you want to read your words? Read on…

AUGUST 20, 2018

Writing With Perspective

Version 2My best time of day is early morning as the sun is rising. The air is damp, the birds are beginning to sing, and the clouds have pink edges. Everything is renewed, and I have an optimistic perspective for the day. Today, as usual, I’m having coffee on the patio and contemplating God’s Word when movement among the heather bushes beneath the bottle brush tree attracts my attention. A rabbit!
Cute right? Not!
My husband coos, “We have a new pet.”
I complain, “He will probably eat our flowers.”
Interesting. We each spoke from our personal perspective. Same scene, same bunny, but different responses. It suggests something about our personalities. Maybe, maybe not, but it makes the story more interesting. In writing, your perspective can reveal something of your story or nature or just where you are standing that day. It can powerfully charge your message and challenge your reader to see things differently. Read on…

AUGUST 5, 2018

Your web presence, does it reflect who you really are?

WebPresenceHow does someone learn about your professional services? Authors, service providers, and small business owners know they need a platform to promote their offerings to the public. Most often this is done through internet presence and social media. But does your profile and your brand reflect who you really are? I recently contemplated this very thought in seeking to establish a platform for myself as a writer. Read on…