About W.O.W.


I entitled this blogsite “WOW! Write On Wisdom” because the wisdom of God found in his Word is amazing! It is profound. It is transformational. It is relevant for everyday life and compels us to respond. So often our response is to write! And that is what this site is all about—the truth of God’s Word and our response to it.OpenBookLight

Are you inspired to write? No doubt you’ve heard many people announce that they are going to write a book—maybe even you! If so, you know that it can be a rollercoaster journey fraught with many doubts, distractions, and discouragements. If you are just embarking on a writing journey, know that your story is worth telling. I hope this blogsite will encourage and inspire you to press in and write on!

My Background

Maybe like you, I’m new to writing as a career—my final career I might add—God willing! I am fraught with insecurities about my abilities but at the same time exhilarated when the Holy Spirit transforms my humble words. While I never considered myself a writer, inspiration from God’s Word and my passion to bring its relevant message to others is the thread running through my varied careers from graphic designer to missionary to small business coach. Now, in my role of grandmother, I desire to leave a legacy of faith to the next generation through my writing.

Recent Work

In 2013, I self-published a professional guide on strategic planning for small business owners and ministry leaders. This unique step-by-step guide was inspired by the model in the book of Nehemiah in the Bible. Currently, I am a ghost writer for a client’s blog and I am working on a book that addresses the universal vulnerabilities of women inspired by the temptation of Eve in the garden of Eden. It is about uncovering the lies we believe about ourselves and revealing God’s truth about who we are as his children.

Join in!

I invite you to share your inspirations on this blog site. Send posts of your own or respond to the ones here. (Please use the contact form to send me your guest blog proposal.) I hope you find the resources page useful for your own personal writing and be sure to check out our affiliate blogsite Women Called to Write.

Contact Me

Do not hesitate to contact me for services as a strategic, creative organizer and coach, or to help you get unstuck and on track with your writing. Meanwhile, write on!

To your best for His highest,