My passion is for you to know you are valued, loved, and purposely designed! And that your personal and professional life is meant to bring you joy, satisfaction, and contentment. The wisdom of the Lord inspires me to write and stirs a desire to share my insights. If you, too, are on a spiritual quest or want to move closer to the heart of God, join me in your journey and let’s travel together!

Who Told You That?

I love to watch the carefree, confidence of a toddler when they still love themselves and freely act out their imaginative play. Unfortunately, sometime very soon, they will start to reframe what they believe about themselves based upon other’s responses to them. What has the world told you to believe about yourself? Are you measuring yourself according to what culture is dictating, to be perfect, pleasing, successful, popular, well-known?

At the beginning of creation, God questioned Adam, “Who told you that you were naked?” Ever since, we have sought to cover up our perceived nakedness, flaws, and shortcomings. You were made for more. I invite you to join me on this site discovering the wisdom of God in his plans and purposes for you. Take a deep dive into discovering who and whose you are and what you were ultimately and intimately made to be.

If you enjoy writing, I encourage you to journal your journey and let’s write on wisdom!

May these encouraging lyrics from Lauren Daigle speak truth to you.

july 24, 2019

Have you got mail?

Do you like to receive mail? I do. Recently, I opened the mailbox to find what looked like a handwritten card. Unfortunately, the machine generated note invited me to learn more about prearranging my cremation! Most of us still get letters once a year at Christmastime—what are often referred to as brag letters. Before modern technology and social media, news and information from friends and family were often sent as a letter. Years later, these letters become precious keepsakes. Unfortunately, handwritten letters have nearly become obsolete. Read why writing letters is an important tradition to revive…continued.