Let your life message speak

In a culture where contrary voices compete, yours needs to be heard. Whether wise lessons learned or values to be embraced, you have a story to tell.

But what has stifled your confidence, killed your creativity, or steered you clear of relationships? If joy, satisfaction, and meaning doesn’t describe your life, WOW is a safe place to examine the truth about who you are as a woman through the wisdom, hope, and insight found in God’s Word.

The Bible is the greatest story ever told affirming you are loved, valued, and purposely designed. If you struggle in your job, are in a life stage transition, or on a spiritual quest to move closer to God’s heart, may I join you in your journey? Let’s travel together to unleash our passions, find our voices, and leave a legacy of faith to future generations.

Who Told You That?

I love to watch a toddler carefree and confident acting out their imaginations. Unfortunately, they will soon reframe their actions based upon other’s responses to them.

What has the world told you to believe? Have you sacrificed your identity to conform to the expectations of others? Do you measure yourself by cultural dictates—to be perfect, pleasing, successful, popular, and well-known?

At the beginning of creation, God questioned Adam, “Who told you that you were naked?” Ever since, we have sought to cover up our perceived nakedness, flaws, and shortcomings. You were made for more. I invite you to join me on this site discovering the wisdom of God in his plans and purposes for you. Take a deep dive into discovering who and whose you are and what you were ultimately and intimately made to be.

May these encouraging lyrics from Lauren Daigle speak truth to you.

NOVEMBER 18,2021

Too Many Bosses? Three Questions to Consider

Do you feel like hiding from the expectations weighing on you? Maybe your boss has just asked you to work overtime. You must arrange pick up for the kids and cancel a social event this evening. Meanwhile, an urgent request sits unanswered in your inbox, and a voicemail from a needy friend pops up in your notifications. Where do you draw the line?

Answering these questions might help you find peace…read more.

july 24, 2019

Have you got mail?

Do you like to receive mail? I do. Recently, I opened the mailbox to find what looked like a handwritten card. Unfortunately, the machine generated note invited me to learn more about prearranging my cremation! Most of us still get letters once a year at Christmastime—what are often referred to as brag letters. Before modern technology and social media, news and information from friends and family were often sent as a letter. Years later, these letters become precious keepsakes. Unfortunately, handwritten letters have nearly become obsolete. Read why writing letters is an important tradition to revive…continued.