Not even Christmas—the power of nature

Sounds of generators and chainsaws filled the air the morning after Hurricane Michael swept through the Florida panhandle. In the hours awaiting the storm, I thought to myself: “Not even Christmas—only the weather—can close the stores and clear the streets and have everyone hunkered down with family.

What events cause you to slow down and take stock of what’s important? It’s the sixth hurricane that I’ve been through, so I anticipated what to expect; the house would creak and groan, and the windows and doors would whistle, and afterward, no gasoline, empty grocery stores, and making coffee and meals on the grill. Fortunately, after it was over, we just had a yard full of debris to clean up. Others lost homes and, in some cases, loved ones. My heart goes out to them. One woman in the worst hit area of the hurricane described how she thought she wasn’t going to make it and just broke down and cried and prayed. I wondered if prayer was a new thing to her. The power of nature never ceases to amaze me!

Certain things in life are completely out of our control. We have to just wait out the storm and know that God will help us pick up the pieces when it’s over. I remind myself that God may not protect us from the storms of life, those circumstances beyond our control— the loss of a loved one, lost job, or diagnosed illness—but he will protect us through them.


We may board up windows and sandbag doors, but truly God is our ultimate shelter. Storms like this also remind us how much we need each other. In the aftermath, the most inspiring sight is to see neighbors helping each other—cutting up fallen trees or simply offering a cup of coffee to one who is in search of an open coffee shop.

Special thanks to all the reciprocal utility workers from surrounding states and volunteers that left the comforts of home and family to sacrificially help the less fortunate. Remarkably, all differences of political affiliation, color, or social status become irrelevant when everyone comes together in a unified effort over a greater and more powerful enemy.

As a nation, have we become so convinced of our own version of the truth that we think the enemy is each other? Let’s promote the things that unite us, seek to understand each other’s point of view and agree to disagree if we can’t, but determine to lift up rather than destroy each other because nothing is more precious than human life.

What storms are you facing? Don’t do it alone.



The Story Begins

Every story has a beginning. Your story and my story didn’t begin at birth but are seeded in Adam and Eve’s story at the beginning of creation. I like to read the Bible from beginning to end because understanding how it all fits together gives me insight into my own story and my relationship with God. Like the characters in the Bible, maybe you too can identify with their weaknesses and their deep need for a holy, loving, and merciful God.

The first man and woman recorded in the Holy Bible were hiding from God in the garden because of their sin and shame. Maybe like them, in spite of God’s provision and protection, you have hidden your shortcomings and shame or covered them over with culturally appropriate behavior. The good news is that God sees you in your less than perfect state and wants more for you. As God’s Word penetrates deep into my soul, it gently reveals where I am resisting his power, correction, and healing. It offers hope that what I cannot cover, he can with his forgiveness. God called out to Adam, “Where are you?” Even though God knew where he was, Adam needed to know God was looking for him. God is looking for you and me waiting to have fellowship with us. Are you available?

MorningonthepatiojpgThe best time for me to be available is in the early morning. I love to start the day on the patio with my cup of coffee and daily devotions. As I watch the rising sun shimmering through the leaves of the trees, smell the dew drenched earth, and delight in the songs of the birds, I imagine I’m in my own Garden of Eden expecting to hear the voice of God. I believe God wants to speak to us through his Word. He wants to tell you who you really are—that you are valuable, accepted, and with his help becoming complete. May you find your place in God’s grand story.

From Genesis to Revelation, God’s Word is full of principles and practices that are wise and relevant for a fulfilling life. Experience the life God intended for you through the power of the one who loves you, follow our blogsite, join in, and interact with the truth!

Write On!
“The Lord is with me; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me? The Lord is with me; he is my helper…” —Psalm 118:6, 7 NIV


Your life from beginning to end is a journey. Where will your story take you?