I entitled this blogsite “WOW! Write On Wisdom” because the wisdom of God found in his Word is amazing! It is profound. It is transformational. It is relevant for everyday life and compels us to respond. My response is to write!

In a world where our culture shouts louder than God’s wisdom, we desperately need to get back to the basics of the Bible. It has so much to tell us about God and his nature, about ourselves and getting along with others, and about divine order, planning, and accomplishing our divine purposes. Every institution in our culture needs to hear voices of truth to guide them and I hope yours is one of them.

Writing is my response to a commitment I made to leave a legacy of faith for the next generation. While my first priority is letting my life speak into the lives of my dear grandchildren, I also hope truth is heard through my blogs, books, and workshops on legacy writing and biblically-based strategic planning.


Decorative Inspirational Words

I believe when people to feel valued and loved by God, they find purpose, pleasure, and power for their personal and professional lives. My passion is to guide people in applying God’s Word to their everyday lives through personal writing, kingdom business planning, and strategic organization. To that end, from 1996-2002, my husband and I served with Wycliffe Bible Translators working as literacy specialists in Ethiopia, East Africa, to bring the Word of God to a Bibleless people group. My experience in graphic design, writing, self-publishing, and small business operation along with master’s degree in organizational leadership provides insight to understand and serve readers, writers, and organizational leaders. Please contact me if you need any of those services.

Growth Strategy Impact

To help organizations leaders and small business owners succeed, in 2013, I self-published a biblically-based, professional guide on strategic planning called Growth Strategy Impact. Through my business, Master’s Mind Strategies, LLC, I hold workshops for organizational leaders using this unique, step-by-step guide inspired by a model interpreted from the book of Nehemiah in the Bible.

Join in!

I invite you to share your inspirations on this blog site. I invite discussion. Send posts of your own or respond to the ones here. (Please use the contact form to send me your guest blog proposal.) I hope you find the resources page useful for your own personal writing.

Contact Me

Do not hesitate to contact me for services as a strategic, creative organizer, coach, or to help you get unstuck and on track with your writing. Meanwhile, write on!

To your best for His highest,